Flower therapy

Flower therapy is a natural treatment method which is based on the use of wild flower essences to prevent and settle emotional problems, negative moods and psychosomatic disorders.
The origin of flower therapy can be traced back to thousands of years ago when man – who was in deep contact with nature – had an intuitive knowledge of the herbs, plants and flowers’ curative properties.

Flower remedies are able to positively affect a specific imbalanced mood and reactivate a state of general wellness. Physical disorders mainly originate from a condition of suffering and disharmony of the soul, which is in conflict with the laws of the Universe. Said disharmony causes, first, a subtle change in the energetic level of the body, then affects the psychological level and, subsequently, the organic level.

As a consequence, the change becomes chronic, discomfort becomes a physical symptom and disease starts to appear. Therefore, energetic rebalancing of the person is necessary through a specific vibrational frequency transmitted by the flower remedies, which are the highest expression of a plant’s vital force.

I began to make use of the Australian flower therapy remedies since the eighties. The remedies were discovered and classified by Ian White, an Australian naturopath and biologist. In the course of the last twenty years Ian White has developed 69 flower essences (Australian Bush Flowers) which were obtained from the flowers of his land (the Australian “bush”). They address the emotional and psychological issues that characterize modern times.

A short description of the 69 flowers’ properties s is provided in the following list:


    Negative condition: Emotional and mental exhaustion, Lack of joy, Responsibility as a burden Positive outcome: Dynamism, Joy, Revitalisation


    Negative condition: Spiritual crises, Hindering spiritual connection, Spiritual gullibility, Looking for answers in the outer world, “Spiritual possession” Positive outcome: Achieving spiritual truth and protection, Access to the gifts and knowledge of previous lives, Restoring the energetic field


    Negative condition: Resistance to leave the past behind, Difficulties during major changes Positive outcome: Capacity to serenely live the changes of one’s life, Enhanced transition from earthly life to spiritual life , Enhanced ability to leave the past behind


    Negative condition: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Weariness and discouragement because of difficulties or illnesses, Lack of enthusiasm and love of life Positive outcome: Restoring enthusiasm, joie de vivre, energy, Supporting the cyclical natural variations of energy levels, Improving the chronic fatigue syndrome


    Negative condition: Inability to accept changes, Rigidity, Reluctance Positive outcome: Recognition, Open-mindedness


    Negative condition: Inability to feel sexual pleasure, Sexual repugnance, Physical loathing, Pregnancy Positive outcome: Sexual pleasure and enjoyment, Acceptance of self and one’s physical body


    Negative condition: Impatience, Incessant activity, Steady waste of energy, Continuous stress Positive outcome: Ability to be self-aware and calm down, Slowing down, Inner peace


    Negative condition: Lack of interest in or concern about the other, Fear of deprivation, Greed, Rigidity Positive outcome: Interest in or concern about the other, Confidence in the abundance, All-encompassing trust, Joyful sharing

  • BOAB

    Negative condition: Assuming negative thinking from family, Repetition of previous negative experiences Positive outcome: Freedom from past negative actions, abuses and bias within the family, Elimination of negative thinking, Releasing suppressed emotions, Fostering a positive personal growth


    Negative condition: Obsessive thinking, Misery, Despondency Positive outcome: Clarity of mind and lucidity of thought, Serenity, Mental quiet