The ESHO Studio of naturopathy takes the name from the principle of inseparability of man and environment and their mutual influence. ESHO is the translation of the Japanese expression esho funi: the first word is a contraction of eho (environment) and shoho (the individual or self); the second word, funi, means “non- duality of life and environment”.
This indissoluble bond explains why our environment influences us and we influence it. Science names this principle “epigenetics”.
As a naturopath I consider the person as a physical, emotional and spiritual uniqueness that is integrated with a social and environmental context . This is why Esho.



I start the consultation with an in-depth interview that is essential for me to know a person and his life style, and as a consequence to choose the most appropriate treatment.
During the interview my attention is focused on the study of the person’s characteristics (the complex of his psychological, metabolic, physiological aspects) and his interaction with the external environment.
On the basis of the particular situation emerged, at the end of the interview I usually propose the most suitable naturopathic treatment or a customized program with a view to keeping or strengthening health. The program includes dietary suggestions, lifestyle modifications, natural remedies which work in synergy and promote balance and enhancement of the physical, psychic and emotional resources.
The naturopathic consultation can supplement and act in synergy with medical psychological treatments. In no case it replaces them.


The first consultation session lasts from 60 to 75 minutes. The subsequent consultations last about 60 minutes.


Nutritional counseling

In my capacity as a naturopath, I do not create diet charts (a task which falls within the competence of the nutritionist) but, by suggesting simple daily changes which – step by step- will lead to benefits in time, I re-educate a person on a correct nutrition which is tailored to his specific needs.
A correct nutritional style should include healthy, little


acidifying foods which are rich in nutrients and vital elements. On the basis of my experience, people do not always know which foods and nutritional styles are suitable to their real needs. Rather, they do not always know their true needs. Therefore, it is important for everybody to become aware about their own effective needs and, consequently, about the “therapeutic” or “noxious” power of food.

BIA Body composition analysis

Bathroom scales are not always a good indicator of our state of health or quantity of fat or muscle contained in our body. The BIA test (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) is a non-invasive simple test which, by the passage of low electrical currents that cannot be detected by the person, allows to know the body composition in terms of:

  • Fat mass
  • Fat-free mass
  • Body mass index
  • Hydration state
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Chronic inflammatory process (acidosis)

Flower therapy and counseling

Flower remedies represent an efficient support system for a wide range of disharmonious emotional states. The flower therapy positively affects the energetic frequencies of our body and guides a person towards emotional, spiritual and mental harmony.
I make use of the Australian Bush flower essences which originate from the bushes of Australia, an unspoiled and pure land. The flowers are picked from plants that grow naturally. The Australian Bush flowers, together with the herbal therapy, are the natural remedies which I prefer to use in my activity.